Ordering / Prices

I am in a startup phase and now taking orders for “beta” models of the 15’8″ design. These are slightly discounted as I get up and running, and there may be some minor changes to the builder’s manual and finishing details (eg gunnels and oar towers) over the next 6 months. They are still fully CNC cut kits with all of the kit components, to the standard 15’8″ design.

Cost and Payment:

The 15’8″ kit (all wood components, building jig, oar towers, and builder’s manual) will initially retail for $4,400. Beta kits will sell for slightly less.

Steps in Ordering a Kit:

  1. $200 non-refundable payment holds your spot in the build queue. If your spot comes up and you don’t want it any more you can delay for up to 6 months, but otherwise you lose the deposit. Pay via the shop page.
  2. 50% payment is due with a builder’s agreement when I start cutting your kit. The builder’s agreement says that you will only build one boat. This is invoiced separately.
  3. The remaining 50% and any shipping is due once the kit is cut and packed, ready to go out the door. If possible, it is great if you can pick it up in person (Timber, OR) and get a trailer from us at the same time (we are a dealer for RD Baker Drift Boat Trailers- which I think are the best out there).
  4. Trailers and composite kits are due in full when ordering.

When you pay your first 50% deposit you will receive a digital copy of the builder’s manual. The manual includes all the steps in the process, as well as the product code and quantities of materials required to build the kit (epoxy, fiberglass, hardware, and finishes) and suggestions of where to purchase materials.

Ordering a boat kit is the beginning of a wonderful process- but is also a significant investment. To start the process of ordering, call or email me (Ben) at 971-678-9464 or ben@timberboat.works

Spring 2023 Prices

  • 15’8″ Dory Wood Kit (includes CNC cut plywood panels, gunnels, stem, oar towers, USCG hull ID number / capacity label, and 100 page builder’s manual). $3,600 (discounted during beta phase)
  • 15’8″ Dory Composites Kit (all of the fiberglass, West System epoxies, and additives needed to build the 15’8″ dory- you still will need some consumables and all of the finishes) Request current pricing.
  • RD Baker Drift Boat Trailer (48″ bottom, comes with your kit loaded onto the trailer). $2,995 (discount available if purchased with a full wood kit)