Small Power Cat

I’ve admired Russel Brown’s little “Skeeter” or “Grasshopper” style cats for a few years. So some almost free Nacra 5.8 hulls got me going on building on for myself.

The idea is super light, easy, quick. To get the weight further forward and balanced, the pod will be fairly light (ideally under 150 lbs) and the existing cross beams will carry most of the load. The outboard will be a Tohatsu 20hp manual tilt with electric start, which is just about 100lbs and is the only one they offer with the criteria we are looking for. 15hp would be more appropriate, but they weigh the same amount.

The pod will be CNC cut plywood panel construction, basically stitch and glue, all 1/4″ okoume. There is a box frame under the pod to carry the loads of people walking around and the outboard. The floor will probably need some carbon reinforcement, as will the outboard bracket. I might try to use flax since it is supposed to be a good vibration dampener.

The goal is to have it out and about this summer. Renderings below.