A Busy Shop

As winter turns into spring, it’s been busy in the shop!

Projects include re-painting a beautiful whitehall rowboat (Prospero), refinishing Nacra 5. 8 catamaran hulls for a mini commuter cat, building the pod for the commuter cat, and some keel repairs and deck work on Heather, a 1982 Chuck Paine Carol 26. This is all mixed in with some shop improvements getting ready to make CNC cut dory kits this summer and extremely good skiing and weekend sailing outings on Kuaka! Oh, and work.

Winter meant early sunsets and late nights in the shop
Nacra 5.8 hulls getting sanded for gelcoat repair and eventual paint
Sanded and smooth!
Hot box for Heather’s keel repair
And rudder relamination / barrier coat
And new cockpit locker lids curing by the woodstove, which was a mistake.
Prospero’s paint job
Almost done with paint / sanding / prep.
Looking quite full in here!
Cutting out parts for the skeeter cat pod
With some sweet puzzle joints!
Glued and ready to go together
Sanded and with an initial coat of epoxy
And then 5.6 oz 3k carbon on the inside
Off to sail and feeling quite seasick after trying to cook in a tide rip
But worth it for a beautiful evening on Blake Island