Small Power Cat

I’ve admired Russel Brown’s little “Skeeter” or “Grasshopper” style cats for a few years. So some almost free Nacra 5.8 hulls got me going on building on for myself. The idea is super light, easy, quick. To get the weight further forward and balanced, the pod will be fairly light (ideally under 150 lbs) and… Continue reading Small Power Cat

The Adventures of S/V Kuaka

During Spring 2021, two friends and I brought a 43′ aluminum cutter from Homer, AK to Seattle, WA over the course of 6 weeks. We experienced sunny skies, a bit of wind, a lot of motoring, and some skiing. I took some video, which I’m slowly going through and editing. Edition 1 here:

Timber Boatworks was Beaversnot Boatworks, which used to be Brick Building Boatworks. This is a place for my musings / projects of boat design, building, repair, and adventures. I don’t have a brick workshop anymore (haven’t for 10 years) and tin shed boatworks just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Current projects include restoration of a 24′ Chuck Paine Carol, an unidentified (free) 17′ pulling boat, and construction of a small wood / composite high speed catamaran using old Nacra hulls. I’m also working on a line of plans and kits for Grand Canyon Dories.

More to come. -Ben